Affordable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy you can have at home

Are you looking for more affordable
hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Or maybe your your doctor, naturopath, or other practitioner prescribed or recommended oxygen therapy. Either way, great. Because if you’re looking to improve your overall wellness or add a new treatment to your health regimen, look no more. We can probably help you with more affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Especially if you live in the Denver metro area and other parts of the front range.

Affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy you can enjoy at home

We know, from experience, it can be expensive to test drive hyperbaric chambers. It’s why we started this business. When we started looking for oxygen treatments, we quickly discovered some undesirable rates at the typical clinics. And those costs didn’t even include our gas and travel time. And if your time is valuable (as it should be) that can add up significantly. Like $1500-$2000 a month. Yikes!

We help make affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy more accessible…

Because we also know how much more comfortable and convenient it is to do at home. In fact, we started like most people by going to a clinic for treatments. And they helped. So, we kept going. But before long, we knew we needed and wanted another way. So, we began to research the cost of owning a hyperbaric chamber. At the time, they were anywhere from $10,000 on up. But with some calculations and a little more searching, we found a used one for much less.

It was such a relief to be able to bring a hyperbaric chamber into our home. For a couple of reasons. Sure, the cost was a huge factor. But we saw how much time it saved. And how much more comfortable it was to be able to simply walk from one room to another for a treatment. We were sold. And we knew we wanted to help others have that same experience. That’s when we figured out a way to lease chambers to customers so they could enjoy affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy in their homes, too.

So don’t give up on hyperbaric oxygen therapy because of cost.

We want you to know here at Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions (AHS), you’ve just made the right connections! We care about helping you get the hyperbaric oxygen therapy you need and want. And we want to help you save some money as you do.

If you’re in the Colorado front range area, call or text today to talk to us about getting started.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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