Autism hyperbaric oxygen – a positive story we wanted to share

The possibly positive autism hyperbaric oxygen connection

We’ve had a couple of calls, in recent weeks, about the autism hyperbaric oxygen connection. So far we haven’t had an autism patient use one of our hyperbaric oxygen chambers. So, we also wanted to find out more about how HBOT might help someone who suffers with autism.

Autism hyperbaric oxygen - is there a good connection?

There seems to be a positive connection between autism and hyperbaric oxygen.

We read a story about a seven year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder (also known as ASD). He was only two when he was diagnosed. And his parents noticed some very disturbing signs. It’s sad to read about. We can only imagine what those parents must have felt in person.

Some signs of autism, which can happen even in the youngest kids are…

  • They show little interest in social interaction
  • They’re often irritable due to lack of sleep
  • Often they have poor hand-eye coordination


And other signs are even worse. Like anxiety, depression, and even aggression.

In the story we read, doctors included B12 supplements in the young boy’s daily diet. And he actually responded very well. Shortly after that, his doctors suggested Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as an additional treatment.

So, the boy started with mild HBOT session. That’s the kind of oxygen therapy our chambers provide. And there was a noticeable improvement, after the very first session, in his ability to talk. Of course, his parents were thrilled. And they invested in a portable hyperbaric chamber at their residence.

Then, the young boy did two 60 minute HBOT sessions every day. And, after 24 sessions, his doctors said he was able to form short sentences. Then, after his 25th session, the little boy was able to maintain eye contact when his parents talked to him. That’s just awesome.

So, that’s one story where hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped with autism. Of course, that doesn’t mean it works the same way with everyone. But now doctors, in quite a few places around America, are actually prescribing hyperbaric therapy for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder.

And that’s certainly a mark in the positive column for us, too. So, we’ll be sharing more info on autism.

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Here’s to breathin’ easier,
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