Autism Spectrum Disorder – more causes and some hope

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Imagine the joy of taking your newborn baby boy or girl home from the hospital. You’ve prepared their special bed. Their room, toys, clothes. Everything looks awesome. Just the way you always planned. Now imagine that little boy or girl reaching the age of two and no longer laughing or smiling like before. And they don’t seem to be able to see or focus on any of those wonderful things you got them. Too often, these days, those kids are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

More causes of Autism spectrum disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD affects the brain, spine, and nerves.

Doctors like to use big words. So they also say it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder. So it can seriously challenge a person’s ability to focus, communicate, or even recognize loved ones. But what causes it?

Well, a lot of medical experts say it can happen because of hypoxia. That’s another one of those fancy words that just means lack of oxygen. Specifically a lack of oxygen to critical parts of the brain tissues that control basic bodily functions. Like memory, motor control, and speech.

Doctors say ASD can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, toxin poisoning, chemical exposure, and more. They admit they still don’t know the exact causes. But they’re optimistic about some of the latest treatments. Especially when someone is diagnosed early and treatments begin right away.

Positive treatments for ASD include hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

HBOT appears to be providing significant relief for patients like the one we talked about recently. Some are able to recognize their parents. And put words together into sentences. And even do the simple, yet wonderful, things like smile, laugh, and remember.

Studies are still being made on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism. And not all doctors agree. But we’ve seen more positive information than negative. And that makes us glad we’re able to help provide a more affordable hyperbaric oxygen chamber for people dealing with autism spectrum disorder

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