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Virus protection is always important and now more than ever

An extra step of virus protection Unless you've been living in a remote jungle or high in the Himalayas the past few weeks, you've probably heard there's a new virus going around. Yeah, the news is pretty much saturated with stories about the Corona virus. And while...

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Hyperbaric chamber wound healing – well, maybe

Maybe it's OK to talk abouthyperbaric chamber wound healing Let's get this straight up front. We're not making any claim of outright hyperbaric chamber wound healing. But we have a story of encouragement from one of our recent hyperbaric chamber customers. And since...

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Autism Spectrum Disorder – more causes and some hope

Autism Spectrum Disorder Imagine the joy of taking your newborn baby boy or girl home from the hospital. You’ve prepared their special bed. Their room, toys, clothes. Everything looks awesome. Just the way you always planned. Now imagine that little boy or girl...

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Hyperbaric chamber at home has financial benefits

One of our customers got some added benefitsof having a hyperbaric chamber at home A recent customer of ours travels to the East coast every month. And she stays for about 10 days each time. She signed up for a three month lease with us. But she soon realized she...

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Brain injury and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Denver

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with brain injury? Getting into a car accident is bad enough. Right? But imagine if your doctor reports you've suffered brain injury as a result. That even sounds scary, doesn't it. After all, this is your head we're talking about....

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What It’s Like Inside a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

A lot of people ask what it's likeinside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber What it's like inside a hyperbaric chamber could be a little different for everyone. But I think most people will like it. I do, because it's a relaxing and quiet space to think. I take my phone with...

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Spinach smoothie recipe we believe even Popeye would love

Popeye would probably love this spinach smoothie recipe And it's for sure your whole family will. Yeah, you're probably like we were when we first heard about this. Spinach? In a smoothie? Yuck. Right? But if you've had one that was actually yucky, it probably didn't...

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Take Control of Your Health – why leave it to others?

Take Control of Your Health Before Someone Else Does It's vitally important more than ever these days to take control of your health. After seems doctors and Big Pharma have one get as many people on prescription medications as possible. Every...

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Healthy Living for A Healthy Life

Taking Control of our health is more important than ever these days. It seems that doctors and Big Pharma have one get us all on prescription medications. Each night we watch TV Commercials about Law firms accusing the Pharmaceutical Industry about...

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Keep Your Lungs Healthy – Part 2

A couple more tips on How to keep your lungs healthy. HAZARDOUS BREATHING ENVIRONMENT:  Here's one that I know a lot about having worked in the construction trades for over 30 years.  When the job site air becomes polluted, which is fairly frequent on most remodeling...

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Keep Your Lungs Healthy – Part 1

The American Lung Association has Some Tips on How to keep your lungs healthy as well as what has the potential to harm them.  SMOKING – this is a no-brainer. No good for the lungs...or any other vital organ for that matter!  If you smoke for you and your family's...

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Conditions Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT is FDA approved to treat the following conditions: Air or Gas Embolism Carbon Monoxide Poisoning / Cyanide Poisoning Crush Injury / Acute Traumatic Ischemia Decompression Sickness Delayed Radiation Injury Diabetic Foot Ulcers Enhanced Healing of Problem Wounds...

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Affordable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy you can have at home

Are you looking for more affordablehyperbaric oxygen therapy? Or maybe your your doctor, naturopath, or other practitioner prescribed or recommended oxygen therapy. Either way, great. Because if you're looking to improve your overall wellness or add a new treatment to...

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