Brain injury and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Denver

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with brain injury?

Getting into a car accident is bad enough. Right? But imagine if your doctor reports you’ve suffered brain injury as a result. That even sounds scary, doesn’t it. After all, this is your head we’re talking about. Not like spraining an ankle or wrist. If your brain’s not in good health, the rest of you will suffer too. So, what helps a brain recover after suffering an injury? Well, one of our customers experienced this scenario.

Brain injury and the hyperbaric chamber

Brain injury therapy in the comfort of home…

I cannot say enough good things about Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. After suffering a brain injury from a car accident my doctor recommended a hyperbaric chamber as part of my recovery plan. The thought of more appointments to go to made me want to cry. Discovering I could have a chamber in my own home was huge! Not only were they knowledgeable and helpful, they’re also generous with their time. They came and set the chamber up at my house and were available for any questions I had along the way. I highly recommend Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions–if you are on the fence just give them a call, they will help.” ~Chanda Magallanes

We love hearing and reading stories like that. It’s hard enough to come to terms with a serious bodily injury. But add to that the extra doctor appointments or massive treatment costs, and it can be pretty scary.

When Chanda contacted us and told us her doctor recommended a hyperbaric chamber, we were very interested, too. Because we hadn’t had anyone use one of our chambers for any kind of brain trauma. So, we were just as curious as Chanda to find out if it would help…and how much.

And now we’ve had a couple more customers use a chamber for brain related problems. Now, we’re happy to report they’ve said things like, “My concentration is getting better.” And “I’m able to work again.” AND “my memory is improving. Feeling better. Thank you so much!”

So, if you’re in the Colorado front range area, call or text today to talk to us about getting started. Even if it has nothing to do with brain trauma.

Here’s to feelin’ Better,
Brian & Jeremiah

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