Hyperbaric chamber at home has financial benefits

One of our customers got some added benefits
of having a hyperbaric chamber at home

A recent customer of ours travels to the East coast every month. And she stays for about 10 days each time. She signed up for a three month lease with us. But she soon realized she wouldn’t get three months worth of benefit from having a hyperbaric chamber at home due to her travel schedule.

Hyperbaric chamber at home

It’s another reason why a hyperbaric chamber at home makes so much sense.

It’s not our general policy to provide the following solution. Because we’re like anybody else. We need to make money to stay in business. But we also genuinely want to help people get well and hopefully stay well. So, we reviewed our traveling customer’s needs and health issues. And we came up with a solution. (You could say an affordable hyperbaric solution and we wouldn’t mind.)

It was actually a case of simple math. Our customer would be out of her home for a total of 30 days out of her 90 day lease. So, we added an additional 30 days to the end of her lease at no additional charge. In other words, she got to keep the chamber for 4 months for the price of 3. But we saw how she wouldn’t be adding an additional month of use because she’d be gone for 30 of those days. And it just made sense to make sure she could use the chamber for the full amount of time she initially needed and wanted.

We can’t guarantee that sort of deal to everyone. But we think it shows how much we truly want to help you get the oxygen therapy you need or want. At an affordable cost our competitors don’t offer.

And if you’re in the Colorado front range area, call or text today to talk to us about getting started.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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