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My long haul covid felt better with my very first dive!! surprised I was really Suprised!!!



Hi Brian! Just wanted to report we have completed 10 hours of HBOT! We will take 2 days off and start again next week, but we are already seeing some great improvements! Oskar is more engaged, better memory/recall and engagement, and overall just happier!


Boulder, CO

As a result of a horseback riding accident I suffered multiple serious injuries including a tbi. My tbi went undiagnosed for four months before I started therapy at the hospital My symptoms hung on. A friend suggested hyperbaric therapy. Medicare did not cover and the local Plasticity center was very expensive. I am grateful you provided a chamber for me to use at home. It was affordable and convenient. After ten one hour sessions my symptoms diminished and the pace of my recovery increased. My therapist at the hospital was impressed. I was discharged from therapy two weeks later. I completed over 40 one hour sessions. I felt much better after the treatment and encourage anyone with a tbi to try this therapy. Affordable Hyperbaric offers a great service to the public and was easy to work with

Janice R.

Arvada, CO


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