Keep Your Lungs Healthy – Part 1

The American Lung Association has Some Tips on How to keep your lungs healthy as well as what has the potential to harm them. 

SMOKING – this is a no-brainer. No good for the lungs…or any other vital organ for that matter!  If you smoke for you and your family’s sake – STOP!

radon illustration

RADON GAS is a cause for concern as far as your lungs go. This is a much less obvious danger. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can be present in the basements of older homes. By older we mean homes that don’t have a radon remediation system. If you don’t know if you have one, you probably don’t. On the other hand, if your home is less than 15 years old, you likely have one. It’s that fan in your basement that runs constantly and is attached to what looks like large plumbing drains. It’s actually capturing the radon gas that can escape through the ground around your home and “escorting” it outside. Taking one reading in your basement and assuming the radon level is safe basement radon remediation system is unfortunately not the whole story because the level can, and will, change over time. If you spend any significant time in your basement, you should consider testing once a year for 5 years. If the levels are safe, then check once every 5 years after that. If you have a radon gas “escorting” system, check that the fan is working once or twice a year. A seized fan will do nothing to lower the levels of radon and will gradually allow radon gas to build up over time, so keep an ear out for that whirring sound – it’s protecting your lungs!

More Tips to Come …..