Keep Your Lungs Healthy – Part 2

A couple more tips on How to keep your lungs healthy.

HAZARDOUS BREATHING ENVIRONMENT:  Here’s one that I know a lot about having worked in the construction trades for over 30 years.  When the job site air becomes polluted, which is fairly frequent on most remodeling projects, a good quality dust mask should be within close reach, or better yet worn on your head like a beanie.  Many ‘tough’ guys will forego a dust mask only to find themselves on an Oxygen Concentrator later in life. Also, many homes are dusty places made worse by hot air heating systems. I was told 8 years ago by my HVAC guy to use cheap air filters in my furnace so that the blower motor would last longer. I decided to use the best furnace filters I could buy so that I would last longer instead! My furnace blower motor has been just fine with this decision and is still going strong. I’d also recommend running several whole room HEPA air purifiers in your home to scrub the air you breathe daily, this is most critical in your bedroom – since you spend many hours per week in this room. These devices do an amazing job of cleaning the indoor air and can even keep dusting to a minimum. Lastly, do your own detective work to see where the your dust issues lie. I found that socks and tee shirts are a big offender so I shake them outside whenever possible. A good vacuum will also keep your home cleaner.  Consider purchasing one that doesn’t blow the dust around your clean home. There are HEPA vacuums available today and even a vacuum that uses water to trap dust particles.

SEDENTARY DESK JOB:  Some respected websites on Health Topics are comparing a sedentary lifestyle to smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day!  So a job that requires sitting at a desk for hours a day can be quite harmful, unless it’s accompanied by lots of exercise such as walking / running / stair climbing / swimming / bicycling.  Newly designed desks allow you to raise your desk to stand while working.  This is probably a more healthy and ergonomic choice vs. sitting at a desk all day. Time will tell if this new desk catches on.

Keeping your lungs healthy is a critical aspect of maintaining health.  Of the elements that keep us alive and active Qxygen / Water / Food, the only one we CANNOT do without for even a few minutes without serious consequences is OXYGEN!

How does this Relate to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?  For a healthy person, the only path for Qxygen into the body is through the lungs > red blood cells (RBC) grab the oxygen > RBC’s carry oxygen to the tissues.  This is the transportation system for keeping our bodies supplied with this essential element.  Proper breathing (not shallow breathing which is common) is a healthy habit.  Oxygen Therapy in a Mild Hyperbaric Chamber literally forces oxygen into the Plasma (the liquid portion of the blood) and the billions of other cells in your body! Once the plasma is oxygenated, it can deliver that much needed Oxygen to the areas of the body that need it, areas that are not receiving adequate supply via the red blood cells alone. Try it for Yourself and then you too can be a Believer in this amazing Device.