Mold exposure: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy might help, but…

Gene lives in Arizona. And he’s battling health issues due to mold exposure. He decided to include hyperbaric oxygen therapy as one of his treatment options. But he currently does two HBOT treatments a week at a cost of $150. And his travel time each way is 75 minutes. That’s 150 minutes round trip.

So, that translates into 5 hours a week.

And that means his mold exposure costs him about 20 hours a month.

How much money would 20 hours a month mean to you? Even if you only make $10 an hour, that’s $200 a month in lost time. But let’s say you value your time at $35 an hour. That’s $700 a month is potential lost income. And you can calculate this to fit your numbers.

But whatever they are, they’re only the tip of the iceberg if you need or want more than two HBOT treatments per week. And that’s a big reason why most people, like Gene, decide to keep their HBOT treatments to a minimum.

But what if Gene could get triple his treatments per week AND reduce his travel time by 99.9%? AND do all that for about the same weekly cost. Wouldn’t that be awesome. Too bad that couldn’t happen for Gene.

Oh, wait a minute!

It’s gonna happen for Gene. Because he’s gonna be our customer soon. And when gets the HBOT equipment we’re sending him, his new travel time will be cut to less than 1 minute. Because now all he’ll have to do is walk to his bedroom (or whichever room he puts the chamber) and hop in the chamber and get started.

Boom! That’s kind of big deal. Right?

And then 6 treatments a week will cost Gene about the same as the 2 treatments he currently does.

We hope and pray he’ll see a big improvement in his condition as he ramps up his HBOT sessions.

What about you? What are you dealing with that hyperbaric oxygen therapy might help? Because we’d sure like to help you with that.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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