Oxygen chamber rental company celebrates five years

It’s coming up on 5 years since we started our hyperbaric oxygen chamber rental company, Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. And in that time, we’ve met lots of really nice people. And we’ve helped many of them feel
better! At least, that’s what they’ve told us.

We’ve received many uplifting messages from people suffering with all sorts of health issues. Like…

  • head injuries due to falls,
  • bike accidents,
  • car accidents,
  • foot problems,
  • breathing problems, and more


And most of the messages usually go the same way: “starting to feel better.” Or “getting my life back.” And “starting to feel like me again.” We love getting these messages. And it’s awesome to be able to help so many recover and feel like “themselves” again.

We currently own 6 chambers and Oxygen Concentrators (with a couple more in the works). So, if you think we’re a large company, think again. Yeah, we’re small. But we’re feisty.

And just since we started, five years ago, we’ve helped a number of other folks get started in similar businesses in their neck of the woods. Because our goal is to help many people experience the benefits of HBOT at an affordable price. Not to squash our competitors. Hopefully they want to help others find relief from injury and disease as much as we do.

We know a key focus for your oxygen chamber rental is affordability.

And we constantly look for solutions to keep prices in the reach of more people, like you, who want to get and stay well. Preferably without more drugs and doctor visits. After all, what good are alternative health methods if hard working people like you (and us) can’t afford it. Right?

When I first decided to try HBOT, I spent almost $10k on a few treatments and a used Chamber! And five weeks later the chamber was useless. Because of a blown window seam.

So, I looked around on the web for another oxygen rental company to help us. But soon discovered I was basically on my own. And I’d have to spend thousands more just to rent a chamber for 1 month!

I tried to repair the chamber. But that soon appeared hopeless. And we just weren’t able to find someone to help at a price point we (as middle class folks) could justify.

For example, a typical rental was around $100 a day. And that was more than our mortgage! No way.

So, that’s when we decided, let’s make this technology available to more people. And not just to sports figures
and other wealthy types. But for regular people…like us!

And that’s what we did.

It’s kinda like we turned an oxygen chamber rental from a “mortgage payment” into a car payment. And one most folks can afford!

And that’s not all.

We’ve offered folks strapped for cash extra “free time” at the end of their rental so they could continue
HBOT on us. And there have been a couple of times we “froze” our clients’ calendar when surprises popped up. Like when they needed to travel unexpectedly. Or when they came down with a cold.

We do this because we’ve been in the same boat. And we know the challenges of dealing with injury and disease all too well. So, anytime it’s possible, we wanna make your life a little easier. With caring and friendly, old-fashioned customer service.

We’ve also offered an industry first “half month rental” for folks (in our service areas) who are not sure HBOT is right for them. That way, they can get the equipment into their home for a test run for less money. And that’s helped a
number of people try HBOT for themselves. A half month rental is is not always possible. But, when it
is, we encourage folks to try it out. Half the cost! What’s not to like?

We started with just 2 Chambers and 2 Concentrators

Same size and brand. And today, we have 6 Chambers (with more on order) and 5 Concentrators. We offer 2 sizes. Our Mid sized 27 inch chamber and our extra roomy 33 inch Chamber. Plus…we dropped our added fee for the larger chamber since Covid began. And we’ll keep it that way till Covid’s in the rear view mirror.

Just so you know, the larger chamber can provide relief if you suffer with mild claustrophobia. And 2 people can fit in the chamber together.

Our oxygen chamber rental solutions come from both Summit-to-Sea and Newtowne. And we’ve found both to be reliable and easy to operate.

Recently, we set up another industry first. Now, we allow homeowners to pick up their equipment, set it up at their place, and return it. And this can save you delivery and set up charges. And you know what that means…our equipment is even more Affordable. When you choose this option, we show you how to set up and tear down the equipment at our place. And we teach you how to use the chamber safely.

The whole process is only about 90 minutes.

Sometimes, a client is beyond our reach. Even though we travel 3 hours in every direction from our home base in
Denver. And when someone is beyond that distance, we’ve made it possible for them to pick up the equipment and return it to us on an agreed upon date. As long as that works, we’ll continue to do it.

And here’s how it works:

When you want to pick up the equipment, we set up a chamber and clean it. And when you arrive, we chat for a while. Then we invite you to get in the chamber. Once you’re in, we pressurize and then deflate the chamber to show you the ropes.

Once you’re trained, we show you how to disassemble the equipment. And we help you load it into your vehicle. If you have non-medical questions, we’re only a phone call or text away. Because no matter where you live, we want you to know we’re ready to get you some answers.

And we wanna make sure even more people can try HBOT. Because we don’t like to hear the disappointed voices if we have to tell them we can’t help them. So, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make things work for you.

We’ve recently opened satellite locations in Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC. And we have plans to open
another in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as a couple of other sections of the country. We’re still a small business. But, that won’t stop us from coming to an area near you. And hopefully soon!

And on that note…we’re looking for friendly, reliable, and caring people who live near large metropolitan areas to help us expand our little business. If that’s you, call or text Brian: 720-641-7033.

HBOT has been a blessing to our family. And we pray you’ll have a similar experience, too! We’ll do our best to make sure of it. So, our family is here to serve your family in your time of need.

HAPPY 2021!
Brian Enyart Sr. Founder
Affordable Hyperbaric Solution