Patient Perspective #2  Home use of 1.5 ATA

Hyperbaric Oxygen Health, Science and use is changing daily. As a patient, consumer and now part-time blog author of mHBOT I read all the studies I see. A number of these studies have come out showing the benefits of use for particular diagnosis at different pressures and different times. Home units used to be limited to one setting and for families wanting to invest in purchasing or renting a unit they were relegated to a singular pressure setting of 1.3 ATA.

OxyRevo has come out with an extraordinary unit that allows the user to change the pressure setting from within the chamber! This amazing ability can allow the patient, under doctor supervision, to adjust pressures and gradually increase or can allow a family to use one unit for different diagnosis using different pressures.

For the person new to mHBOT they can start at 1.2 ATA and gradually build up over a few weeks to full use of the Apex 32 to 1.5 ATA.  Some physicians may recommend 1.2ATA for 30 minutes twice a day for tbi, 1.3 ATA for 90 minutes, 1.4 for 45 minutes daily for 5 days and then 1.5 for 10 days. This unit gives the doctor and patient more options for healing and puts the dial inside the chamber so that the patient can be in greater control.

My journey with having this chamber at home has been nothing short of a miracle. I have had the 1.5 for 3 months and my healing has doubled. I did not start out using the full pressure of 1.5 and I suggest others first speak with their physician but do a gradual build allowing for greater success instead of frustration. Ear sensitivity can make this process slower so please listen to your body, your doctor and realize the importance of being able to clear your ears for this higher pressure.

Most people at this stage will understand the relationship with healing to pressure and oxygen but as a reminder 1 ATA is the pressure at sea level; 1.3 ATA is the equivalent of being at 10 feet below sea level; 1.5 ATA pressure is equal to 17.5 feet below sea level. All accomplished while comfortably surrounded by an enriched oxygen environment.

I had been using a 1.3 ATA mHBOT at a doctor’s office for 7 months before buying my home unit.  Knowing each unit will be slightly different I stayed at 1.3 for 2 weeks before moving up to 1.4 and then another 2 weeks before going up to 1.5 which is the full capacity of this chamber. I would recommend this type of gradual increase for most people. Jumping in and dialing it to 1.5 could result in ear pain so please take precautions. 

Know how to clear or equalize your ears using different methods such as Lowry, Edmonds, Frenzel techniques. 

If you find yourself unable to clear your ears or in pain then reduce the pressure using the blue release valve to lower pressure first, instead of the red dial that controls the pressure. The red dial increases the pressure setting but can make a loud noise if you decrease pressure from there without first using the blue dial. The dial is clearly marked 1.2 ATA, 1.3 ATA, 1.4 ATA and OFF. The OFF position will go to 1.5 ATA as that is what this unit is designed for.

From my perspective, this mHBOT is a blessing, a gift of health, but also carries a greater responsibility that you talk to your doctor, do the research, ask questions and know your own body, especially regarding Equalizing Ear Pressure. This unit can serve a family’s needs for many types of health needs because of the ability to utilize that dial from within, thus giving the patient more control over their comfort and health.

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