Patient Perspective #3 Being Productive by Laying Down

The Most Productive Hour of your day could be laying down…and using this time as the hour you keep your promises to yourself.

I love my time in my mHBOT, although I may be biased as this unit saved my life. I see the occasional post from people saying they can’t find the time to utilize this treatment or can’t afford one. My response is always “this could be the most productive hour of your life, so you really can’t afford not to” 

mHBOT has given me my life back. In fact I have become so busy that I must make the time because for my condition my use needs to be consistent and likely long-term. If I spend 60-90 minutes in the chamber, the other 23 hours are far more productive, enjoyable, clear and painless. I try for 4-6 hours a week for 8-10 weeks and then a few weeks break but please follow your doctor’s instructions.

This is the time that you could be doing all those things that you have promised yourself you would do. Most of us have raised children, pets, earned degrees or just plain worked our butts off and now we find ourselves slowing down whether from life or medical reasons. Now is the time in your life to keep your promises to yourself.

If time is an issue for you here are some ideas of how to spend your time in the chamber.

  • Meditation is now widely accepted as healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a great time to find some guided meditation apps through google play or your church. If you are inclined I also incorporate prayer at this time too.
  • Reading all those books, articles and recipes that you stack on the counter promising yourself you will read. Reading creates new memories, forming new synapses between your brain’s nerve cells. New neural pathways are created.
  • Listen to podcasts. Catch up on your favorite JRE episode
  • Plan your day or week. Bring pen and paper in with you
  • Journal. Putting pen to paper is healing somehow and if you are struggling with a medical issue it might prove helpful to create a timeline or journal of your health journey.
  • Nap. While healing you may need  additional sleep. Doctors have found that our body does remarkable restorative work while you sleep.
  • Yoga or Pilates. Depending on the size of  your chamber and current health this option should be approved by your doctor. After a few months of use I added leg lifts, abdominal crunches and planking in my 32” chamber. I also will do the pilates “swimmer”, leg circle, hundred and many more that can be modified for your needs. Depending on your chamber this might generate too much heat so please have doctor’s approval, water, supervision and your phone with you.

Although I have no proof of this I just feel that the more I move in the chamber, the more my blood is moving to parts that need to heal. Most importantly is for you to make the time to use your chamber. Whether rented or purchased this is an investment of time and money and we want you to be successful IN your healing journey and in your life. Again, consider using this time as the time you keep your promises to yourself.


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