Steady improvement helps a customer get a firm foothold

Steady Improvement

Another one of our customers, who’s dealing with a foot wound shared an awesome update with us. She said her surgeon told her to “keep using HBOT.” Because he’s “hopeful for this next month to see more steady improvement.”

Imagine being told you might have to have your foot amputated. It’s hard to even think about. Right? But that’s what this woman thought she would have to face. And she’s not out of the woods yet. But there has been improvement with her hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.

So, that improvement translates into hope. And, with hope, you’re much better equipped to deal and heal.

It’s these kinds of stories that inspire us to offer the 4 for 3 special. Lease one of our chambers for 3 months and get a 4th month free. All you gotta do is call, click, or tap today. And let’s see if we can help you get the hyperbaric oxygen therapy you need or want.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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