Take Control of Your Health – why leave it to others?

Take Control of Your Health Before Someone Else Does

It’s vitally important more than ever these days to take control of your health. After all…it seems doctors and Big Pharma have one objective…to get as many people on prescription medications as possible. Every night you’ll see TV commercials where law firms accuse the pharmaceutical Industry of creating harmful, even life-ending medications. Still, millions of people continue to march to the Doctor’s office for these prescriptions.

Tips for a Healthy Life

Many prescribed medications come with a wide variety of side effects. And some of those can be more serious than the problem they claim to treat. I’m not a Doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, but I can guarantee I’d be popping several daily medications if I took the advice of my physicians. I prefer to take control of my own health.

Nowadays doctors rarely ask questions that would give them the information they need to determine someone’s overall health or the lack thereof. For example…my brother was prescribed insulin for diabetes years ago. So, he decided to take control of his own health. After changing his diet…and sticking with the new lifestyle…he was able to completely wean himself off of his daily insulin regimen! This was not at the suggestion of his doctor, of course. Many Doctors receive generous “gifts” from the pharmaceutical companies to keep patients on their medications. I’m not suggesting you stop seeing your doctor when you have a health issue. I’m just recommending you take control of your health and not simply run for meds at the first sign of trouble.

Let’s Start with these 3 basics:

Air – In our home, we continually filter the air we breathe. We use top rated furnace filters to capture contaminants that would normally blow through our floor and wall registers and into every room in the house. Believe it or not, I’ve had HVAC guys recommend I use cheap furnace filters to extend the life of my blower motor. My blower motor is doing quite well with the high quality filters and what I am focusing on is extending our lives – rather than the furnace! In addition to the furnace filters, we use 3 whole room HEPA air scrubbers placed strategically in the rooms where we spend most of our time. I work in other peoples’ homes for a living and see very few where clean air is taken seriously. Indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air. Think about it…outdoor air is cleaned by regular rainstorms. Indoor air depends on you to clean it. Get yourself a High quality HEPA air filter or purifier. We also use a HEPA vacuum for our deep cleaning chores to keep the air clean.

Water – Good ol’ H2O is another crucial element in a healthy body. Are you drinking enough? Believe it or not, some people never touch the stuff. And if you’re drinking tap water, you’d be better off drinking pool water because it has about half the level of chlorine as most municipal water supplies. Yikes! Chlorine is basically BLEACH…you know… the stuff that makes your socks whiter. It’s good for killing germs and keeping drains fresh smelling. But you definitely shouldn’t be drinking it or bathing in it.Cities add chlorine to water with the intention of making it safer to drink. Did you know for centuries wine was used in drinking water in a 3:1 ratio to purify it for human consumption? I think most people would agree that wine would make a better water purifier, but it isn’t as cost-effective. Chlorine is cheap and has been in use for almost 100 years. It has made public and private swimming pools part of our daily lives. But that still doesn’t mean you should be drinking it. In fact, when I’m served a glass of water in a restaurant that doesn’t filter their water, I won’t drink it. I can smell the chlorine the moment the water’s placed on the table.If you drink bottled water, consider a zero water filtration pitcher, or a whole house water filtration system. These systems deliver clean water with much reduced levels of chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals and heavy metals at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Some systems can purify up to 600,000 gallons of water for a fraction of a penny per gallon!! Install one in your home, and you’ll not only have CLEAN water to drink…you’ll also enjoy purified water for your bath or shower. Consider this…bottled water costs you about 150 times as much as filtering your own water.

Food – Stay away from canned and boxed foods. Experts recommend shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables and expect to refrigerate most of what you eat. Preservatives make food last longer without the need for refrigeration, BUT most preservatives are actually harmful. Consider adding a tasty fruit and veggie smoothie to your morning routine. Organic fruits and vegetables are the BEST choice. I’ll let you in on a little secret…we add frozen, organic fruit and frozen bananas to our fresh spinach along with a bit of flax or chia seeds. In the evening, replace your sugary dessert with a bowl of fresh or frozen berries. Berries are high in antioxidants and will keep you in tip top shape. Even if you believe you need your “sugar fix” on a daily basis, you can retrain your taste buds. And you might be pleasantly surprised how quickly, too. I promise you…fresh berries are not only sweet – but they’re also DELICIOUS, too! We frappe our frozen berries in the evening in a Yonanas machine for a cold, creamy dessert instead of ice cream with ingredients you might not even be able to pronounce.

There you have three easy places to make vitally important lifestyle changes. Which one will You start with to take control of Your health?