Virus protection is always important and now more than ever

An extra step of virus protection

Unless you’ve been living in a remote jungle or high in the Himalayas the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard there’s a new virus going around. Yeah, the news is pretty much saturated with stories about the Corona virus. And while it’s crucial to be more cautious than ever, we’ve always taken extra care with our hyperbaric chambers. That’s why we’re adding another step of virus protection for your safety.

An extra step of virus protection

Our virus protection for you starts before your chamber is delivered.

We thoroughly sanitize each chamber with a powerful cleaning protocol. And it includes a safe and effective antiviral solution that’s free of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. So, you can be confident your chamber will be as clean as possible.

That being said, it’s important to be aware that no one can guarantee 100% protection from germs. So, we’re adding another cleaning step to our delivery process. And it’s no extra charge. We realize there will be a lot of handling during the delivery process. And we’ll be sure to practice “social distancing” as we bring the chamber into your home. Then, we’ll set it up, test it, and properly clean it again. Using the same powerful cleaning protocol we did before delivery.

You’ve got enough to be concerned about right now. So, we want to help ease your mind a little as you begin your hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. And feel free to ask questions about our process during your delivery.

We understand how we’re all going through this current crisis together.

So, we always follow our principles of treating you the way we’d want to be treated. And that’s helped us achieve our 5 Star rating in Google business results. One more thing…

At AHS – you’ll find we never pressure our Clients – well except for in our Chambers!

If you’re in the Colorado front range area, call or text today to talk to us about getting started.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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