What It’s Like Inside a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

A lot of people ask what it’s like
inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber

What it’s like inside a hyperbaric chamber could be a little different for everyone. But I think most people will like it. I do, because it’s a relaxing and quiet space to think. I take my phone with me and watch YouTube videos to stay up on news and current events. And I can catch up on my work related texts and emails. Time passes quickly because I stay busy and get things done.

What its like inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber

To improve what it’s like inside a hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber keep these things in mind:

  • No Sharp Objects
  • No Sharp Jewelry
  • No Candles
  • No Lighters
  • AND…No Smoking Allowed


Yes, it’s OK to take a drink or even something to snack on with you into the chamber. As long as it’s not messy. Think about how you wouldn’t want crumbly, sloshy, messy things in bed with you. Same thing goes in the chamber. Books, tablets, phones are all good choices for your time in the chamber. Might as well make use of technology and stay in touch with family and friends. Right?

And you’ll definitely want to make it comfortable with blankets and pillows. A sleeping bag works well, too. Because compressed air is warm, blankets underneath are all you need. In fact, you might want to keep a portable fan with you. Especially if you’ll be using the chamber in a warm room of your house. Or during the warmer months of the year. But as long as you lie still you’ll be comfortable. I generally wear a t-shirt, light pants or pajamas, and socks. Please don’t wear your shoes inside the chamber.

One final thing about comfort.

Remember, the air pressure is like going on a fairly deep dive in the ocean. Or a plane ride at higher altitudes. So, you might need to hold your nose, keep your mouth close, and blow to adjust the pressure in your ears. After you’ve done it a few times, your ears can get better at adjusting on their own. Overall, I’m confident you’re gonna enjoy what it’s like inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

And I know you’re gonna appreciate our prices when you shop around.

Here’s to breathin’ easier,
Brian & Jeremiah

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